Pakistan, Dec. 2 -- The PSXhas posted the largest gain since May 2013 as the market closed the month on a gain of more than 5084 points in a single month.

The benchmark index saw a record-breaking gain during the month of November with astonishing volumes reaching more than 3.10 billion shares traded during the month alone, said Malik Fazal Nadeem, who is an Assistant Vice President at BMA Capital Management.

The last time the market had gained this much points was back in May 2013, noted Fazal.

The market gained 14.9% in November as compared to 15.0% recorded in May 2013.

He further said that KSE-100 has gained more than 36% since the bottom.

The market ended the week with a bullish run as the benchmark index, KSE-100 crossed the po...