Pakistan, July 3 -- Facebook has been unethical with user data for as long as we can remember. The social media giant has faced numerous trials and has issued multiple apologies on its blog just because it cannot properly handle its user data.

In a recentbl0g p0st, K0nstantin0s Papamiltiadis, VP 0f Platf0rm Partnerships, has ap0l0gized (f0r the third time) and revealed that devel0pers can still amass inf0rmati0n fr0m Faceb00k even th0ugh the access was cut 0ff a m0nth ag0.

Alth0ugh the number 0f affected users is unclear, based 0n the time peri0d and 0ther data, Papamiltiadis guesses that appr0ximately 5000 devel0pers have carried 0n c0llecting inf0rmati0n that includes users' preferred language 0r gender.

H0wever, the bl0g c0nfirms th...