Pakistan, July 7 -- Chinese authorities are on high alert after a case of Bubonic plague, the disease that caused the Black Death and killed half of Europe, emerged last week in the northern autonomous region, Inner Mongolia.

Acc0rding t0 the state-run Xinhua news agency, the patient is a herdsman and a resident 0f Bayannur city. Th0ugh the c0nditi0n 0f the patient is stable, l0cal auth0rities have quarantined the patient as a precauti0nary measure.

M0re0ver, municipal auth0rities in Bayannur have issued a Level 3 warning f0r plague preventi0n. The sec0nd-l0west warning in a f0ur-level system will remain in effect until the end 0f 2020.

L0cals have been 0rdered precauti0nary measures against the plague. Bayannur residents have been ask...