India, May 26 -- he past four weeks have not been kind to India.

Between April 27 and May 24, India saw 78% of its coronavirus disease cases, and 78% of its deaths. According to the HT dashboard, the number of cases and deaths were 138,474 and 3,949 respectively on Sunday night.

In the first of the four weeks, India added 14,540 cases and saw 516 deaths for an average of 2,077 cases a day and 74 deaths. In the second, it added 24,558 cases and saw 747 deaths. The per-day averages were 3,508 and 107.

In the third week, the numbers were 28,571 and 812, and the averages 4,082 cases and 116 deaths a day. And in the fourth week, India added 40,480 cases and saw 998 deaths, translating into averages of 5,783 cases and 143 deaths a day. I've pr...