Badlapur, May 17 -- The Badlapur police on Wednesday booked two unidentified people for allegedly stealing an ATM card of a senior citizen in Badlapur on Tuesday.

The accused later withdrew Rs42,200 from the account, police said.

According to police, the complainant Chandrakant Jadhav, 62, a resident of Kailasnagar Badlapur (West), had gone to an ATM kiosk at Khau Galli near Badlapur railway station around 8.30pm on Tuesday to withdraw money.

While he was using his ATM, two people, in their thirties, entered the ATM kiosk and started talking with Jadhav.

"The accused managed to trick Jadhav and took the ATM card from his hand and slyly exchanged it with another card. The accused then left the ATM kiosk," said a police officer.

"The com...