Mumbai, Oct. 17 -- Maharashtra on Friday reported 11,447 fresh Covid-19 cases, taking the state's tally to 1,576,062. The state also reported 306 fatalities, pushing up the toll to 40,512. Active cases in Maharashtra stood at 189,715.

Mumbai, meanwhile, witnessed 1,823 new infections, which took the city's case tally to 238,544. Thirty seven fatalities took Mumbai's death toll to 9,638. The city's has 22,884 active cases as of Friday.

Of the 306 fatalities reported across the state on Friday, 111 were from the past 48 hours, 70 from the previous week and 125 from the period before that, according to the state health department data. The state's case fatality rate (CFR) remained unchanged from Thursday at 2.63%.

While Maharashtra has witn...