Mumbai, Sept. 19 -- The cash-strapped Maharashtra government has demanded its share of more than Rs.50,000 crore from the additional excise duty as well as the agriculture and road cess levied by the Central government on diesel and petrol.

The demand was raised during the Maharashtra government's meeting with the Niti Aayog earlier this week.

The basic price of petrol in Maharashtra is Rs.40.97 per litre, on which Centre levies excise duty and cess of Rs.32.90, while state government imposes Rs.30.28 as value-added taxes (VAT) on every litre, taking the price to more than Rs.107 a litre that includes the petrol pump's commission of Rs.3.86.

Similarly, diesel's base price is Rs.41.79 per litre, on which the Central excise and cess of Rs....