Lucknow, Feb. 22 -- Avaada Power Pvt. Ltd, a clean energy company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Uttar Pradesh government to invest Rs10,000 crore in the state for developing 1600 MW solar projects. Avaada group vice-president Jay Shukla spoke on the issue with Anupam Srivastava on Wednesday. Excerpts

In which cities of the state will the company invest?

The projects will be developed across Mirzapur, Badaun, Gorakhpur and Bundelkhand districts. Uttar Pradesh currently has an installed capacity of 569.35 MW solar energy and has the potential to touch a high generation figure of 28 GW. Avaada Power plans to help in bridging this gap.

How many jobs will be created in the state?

Nearly 3,700 employment opportuniti...