New Delhi, June 7 -- Monsoon has come four to five days early to the whole of northeast India, most parts of sub-Himalayan West Bengal, and Sikkim, said India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials on Sunday.

New monsoon dates were issued by IMD last year based on onset data from 1961 to 2019, and withdrawal data from 1971 to 2019. Going by these, monsoon was expected to cover Sikkim and sub-Himalayan West Bengal around June 10.

"But it has advanced to Sikkim and parts of Maharashtra four to five days in advance. The monsoon flow is strong and southwesterly winds have picked up on a large scale," said R K Jenamani, senior scientist, national weather forecasting centre.

Monsoon is likely to pick up further as a monsoon 'low' or a low-p...