Mumbai, Jan. 14 -- It was a contest like no other, a focussed match-up between the best batsman in the world and the fiercest bowler in the game today. And that unfolded on one of the practice pitches at the Wankhede Stadium, when Virat Kohli took guard in the pacers' nets to face Jasprit Bumrah.

Batting in the nets is a difficult proposition by itself, what with a battery of bowlers running in one after the other and leaving the batsman with little opportunity for a breather.

That challenge, however, tends to increase that much more when a tearaway is bowling at full tilt. Ask the yesteryear Pakistani batsmen what it felt like to face Shoaib Akhtar; or the Aussies (and TV host Piers Morgan for that matter) about Brett Lee.

Today's India...