India, Jan. 15 -- Remember the movie '3 Idiots'? In the movie, Farhan (R Madhavan) is able to face his father and land careers of his choice. But the fact of life is that most Farhan's end up in roles that they do not enjoy (and not surprisingly, are bad at).

The reasons could be many parental pressure, low-risk appetite, lack of awareness, not investing in self, etc. In the movie, Farhan was lucky to have Rancho as a friend, who also in a way became his career coach.

Most employees will have a corporate career of about 30 to 35 years.

A long period indeed! And if one wants that most part of this period to be fulfilling and rewarding, one needs to periodically take a pause, revisit and re-plan their careers. Moreover, in today's VUCA wor...