LUCKNOW, Oct. 9 -- Munna, 35, a sanitation worker (he goes by single name) at the Baikunth Dham electric crematorium, has conducted the last rites of over 700 Covid victims during the last six months.

When everyone was scared of handling bodies of Covid victims, he was the first one to come forward for the last rites of these bodies, said Dilip Dey, zonal officer, Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC).

"Since April, he has cremated over 700 Covid victims. Munna and his team have also not taken a single day's leave in this period. The Baikunth Dham electric crematorium receives 12 to 17 bodies every day, even from outside Lucknow. Each cremation takes around 45 minutes. So, the staff has to work till 8pm," he said.

"We trained Munna and two...