Agra, Sept. 24 -- With 127 new cases, the Covid-19 infection tally in Agra crossed the 5000 mark, said district magistrate Prabhu N Singh.

"Out of the 5,125 positive cases, 4048 have been cured. The district has a recovery rate of 78.99% while the case fatality rate is 2.32%," said Singh adding that there have been 119 deaths reported in the city so far.

Singh further said: "We are now taking care of 985 active cases, some being in hospitals while majority opting for home isolation where all protocols are being followed as our focus is on keeping fatality rate low and high recovery rate."

He said the increase in number of cases was also because of escalated testing rate.

"In all we have collected 1,71,631 samples. The sample positivity ...