Kota, Sept. 24 -- The wildlife department officials are worried about the health of lone surviving tigress in the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) of Kota.

There are "no signs of improvement" in the condition of tigress MT-4 after the big cat was provided treatment last fortnight, the department officials said."MT-4 is limping due to injury in its front paw (left or right, or both paws?) and soft muscle tissue injury on front right shoulder," said Kota Biju, deputy conservator of forest, MHTR.

MT-4 is the only tiger left in MHTR after the death of a tiger in July and a tigress and her two cubs in August this year. One more tiger, MT-1, is missing from over a month and there are apprehensions the big cat is dead.

Injured MT-4 was tranq...