LUCKNOW, Oct. 23 -- In hot pursuit of those behind the murder of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari, UP police have detained three persons, including a cleric from Bareilly. They are being brought to Lucknow for further quizzing, said an officer.

Another person who was in touch with the three alleged conspirators arrested from Surat on October 19 is also been interrogated by the Karnataka police in Bengaluru, he added.

A senior police officer said the two alleged killers, Sheikh Ashfaq Hussain and Pathan Moinuddin Ahmed, who are on the run, had visited the cleric's home in Bareilly after the murder of the Hindu Samaj Party (HSP) president in Lucknow on October 18.

The cleric, Maulana Kaifi Ali, allegedly helped Ahmed in the treatment of injurie...