India, Sept. 24 -- E

veryone has a perspective of their own, which comes from the experiences they have had," says actor Madhoo, on the subject of multiple debates - nepotism, favouritism, drug culture - raging around Bollywood, as well as the spat between Kangana Ranaut and Jaya Bachchan.

Actor-turned-MP Jaya Bachchan was upset by the allegations against Bollywood, that "people who've made a name in this industry called it a gutter". Ranaut hit back with a tweet, asking if Bachchan would say the same thing if it was her children who were "beaten, drugged and molested", and "found hanging one day".

Refusing to take sides, Madhoo, 51, says everyone has their own journey. "Kangana might have been through bad experiences, but Jayaji probabl...