India, July 21 -- If the satellite channels gave to Couch Potatoes the Battle of the Remote, Twitterverse has gifted to Tweeple the Hunt of the Hashtags. Super Sunday played out this battle better than even #SuperOver.

Super Sunday last week, which saw the #CWC, #Wimbledon and #F1 finales being staged, even got christened "Triple Sundae" by some bright blokes breathing savoury similes into screaming newspaper headlines!

Super Sunday did to the Battle of the Remote Vs Hunt of the Hashtags what CWC Champs #England did to the #BlackCaps -- #Overthrow. The Hunt of the Hashtags crossed all boundaries in its bid to overthrow the Couch Potatoes' Clash of the Remote.

Here are tribes of Tweeple twiddling on touchscreens this past Super Sunday who...