India, May 30 -- T

he pandemic has taken a toll on everyone's health and economic aspects. Actor Meera Deosthale got a bitter taste of it when her show, Vidya, was taken off air abruptly in March 2020 due to the lockdown and didn't return even after the restrictions were lifted.

"Of course, not having work impacts an actor. I've been working every day of my life since 2014, when I came to Mumbai first, until March 17 last year, when we stopped shooting," says the actor. She admits it was "difficult to process" when the show went off air. "For a couple of months after that, I was so cranky because I wanted to go back on set. I couldn't be in the house for so long," she adds.

Deosthale, 25, says that she's in a better place now and gratefu...