CHANDIGARH, Feb. 9 -- Evening walkers at Sukhna Lake were greeted to an unusual site on Saturday when an unidentified person parked a car in the seating area of Mermaid Restaurant run by Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO).

City-based advocate Ajay Jagga, who was out for a stroll around 7.40pm, said, "I was shocked to see a car parked in the restaurant's seating area, which is part of the heritage of Sukhna Lake." Jagga added that the driver must have driven it on the footpath from near the Chandigarh Golf Club side.

He quickly wrote about the incident to UT adviser Manoj Parida, seeking strict action in the case. Meanwhile, police were also informed.

The car bearing a Punjab number (PB65P8337) is re...