India, Oct. 18 -- "I think I am going back to being the filmmaker I started out to be," says director Sudhir Mishra who has had an almost four-decade-long career.

"I am reconnecting to the kind of cinema I love, feeling that I still have something in me," he adds.

Life in the margins

Take, for instance, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983), a master class in social satire and a film Mishra had co-written. Or look at his multiple National Award-winning 1992 movie Dharavi, where we see the migrant protagonist living in the slums of Mumbai, wearing blinkers while embarking on a mad quest to better the social and financial status of his family. Who can forget Om Puri as Rajkaran Yadav, after all.

"I am drawn towards the lives of people living in the...