India, Aug. 1 -- Poor Poppadums! Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined such a fairytale unmasking in the face of a Pandemic - Poppadum's Fifteen Minutes of Fame meets Prince and Podcasters.

When Duke of Cambridge Prince William invited football star-turned-BBC podcaster Peter Crouch for a 'Lads' Night In' at Kensington Palace, there were invitees not only of the guzzling kind but gastronomic guests, too. Poppadums met pints over podcasts at the Palace high table.

Chitchat about Chelsea FC & Co was peppered by none other than curry and chutney from Crouch's chosen Indian takeaway, Samrat.

What a paradox of the Pandemic! While the Occident found it hard to digest that Prince Charles cold shouldered the customary "handsha...