India, Oct. 22 -- A Bengal BJP worker's mother, Shankari Bagdi, was shot dead in Birbhum district by armed men who were attempting to kill her son on Monday afternoon. Two villagers from Hatselandi in Nanoor were also injured by the assailants, who are at large.

BJP worker Uday Bagdi said the shooters wrongly accused him of having an illicit affair with a married woman in the village when in reality he was targeted for quitting the Trinamool Congress (TMC) for the BJP.

"They made up a story about illicit affair," Uday said, he was backed by BJP Birbhum district president Shyamapada Mandal.

"They were attacked for joining the BJP but the attack was organised under the pretext of a false allegation. They wanted to kill Uday but his mothe...