Ludhiana,, Aug. 2 -- Despite rising Covid-19 cases and police action, residents continue to remain unmindful of the pandemic's threat.

Violation of social distancing norms are rampant at various markets, particularly outside shops near Dandi Swami Chowk, Field Ganj, Karimpura Bazar, Dugri, Model Town main market, Jamalpur, Chandigarh Road, Dhandhari, Haibowal Chowk and surrounding areas.

The police have already collected Rs 1.4 crore in fine from 30,000 violators for not wearing masks and observing social distancing.

But, the FIRs against assembly of five or more people seem to have had little effect.

At Dandi Swami Chowk, heavy rush of vehicles can be seen on the road with eatery owners serving eatables to customers in their cars. Si...