India, July 8 -- The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will carry out open market purchase of government bonds worth Rs.20,000 crore under the G-sec Acquisition Programme (G-SAP 2.0) on Thursday. RBI governor Shaktikanta Das had said earlier this month that the bank will conduct these purchases to support the market.

The RBI has kept a target of purchansing government securities of Rs.1.2 lakh crore under the G-SAP 2.0 in the second quarter of the financial year.

The next purchase for Rs.20,000 crore is scheduled to take place on July 22.

The first such auction of Rs.25,000 crore was held on April 15 this year. The second purchase of Rs.35,000 crore took place on May 20.

With the bond-buying plan, the RBI plans to keep a lid on long-term in...