India, Aug. 2 -- Indian classical and Bollywood vocalist Shilpa Rao and her jazz pianist brother, Anurag Naidu, are each other's biggest supporters

(Hindustan Times) -- "God, you really don't know anything," interrupts Shilpa Rao, 36, as her brother Anurag Naidu, 31, tries to explain why the two of them have different last names. "Rao is our Andhra surname and Naidu specifies the community. All four of us (the parents and siblings) have always had different last names, so it's mind-boggling for the passport office," is Shilpa's on-point explanation.

"But her name wasn't Shilpa! It was Apeksha in school! Tell her!" nudges Anurag, and sets the tone.

Daddy dearest

Their father, armed with an MA in classical music, was a stickler for prac...