India, April 16 -- Anurag Soni, 27, from Rae Bareli, and his wife Phulmati, 19, are at the head of a 150-metre long queue waiting to board the general (unreserved) compartment of the Pushpak Express from Lucknow to Mumbai.

That is an achievement in itself.

On Monday, the couple took a three-stage journey - two on buses, and the third in an auto-rickshaw - to reach Lucknow from Rae Bareli.

"We could not board the train (the first day) because all the general coaches were already full. There was no space for one to even stand. So we decided to stay at the station here," Soni says as his wife stands beside him.

And so, the couple spent the night on the railway platform.

On Tuesday, they were at the head of the line.

Soni, who dropped o...