India, Aug. 2 -- What if we told you Virat Kohli wasn't the first cricketer in Anushka Sharma's life? Long before she met the Indian skipper, she hero-worshipped another: her older brother, Karnesh SSharma!

"I was in awe of him. To me, he was a star. He was into sports and one of the popular boys. But he would totally ignore me in school," reveals Anushka.

"Guilty as charged! Well, she is almost four years younger than me and I was rather dismissive of her when we were kids!" admits Karnesh, who was a state-level cricketer, part of the Under-19 team. "Also, she would come to my class and call me 'Kannu bhaiyya' in front of my friends. I found it very embarrassing!"

"The four-year gap doesn't seem much now, but while growing up, it was ...