India, June 4 -- Economist Sanjeev Sanyal shared his opinion on the 12-hour workweek remark by Nilesh Shah, CEO of Kotak AMC. He mentioned that the current and next generations need to put in "effort" and "procreate" for the future. Sanyal also supports Shah's view on the 12-hour workweek, stating that it is "doable".

"I agree. One generation will have to put in that effort and unlike the examples mentioned, also remember to procreate. It is doable (with the occasional break). We are that generation and perhaps the next one," wrote Sanyal on X.

This comes after Shah shared his opinions on longer work hours for India's growth during the podcast "Invest Aaj For Kal with Anant Ladha".

"Charlie Munger wrote in one of his books that people ...