Ludhiana,, Nov. 15 -- The air quality index (AQI) of the city went from bad to worse a day after Diwali, with many residents complaining of breathlessness and runny nose due to the pollution.

The city's air quality had started deteriorating on Diwali afternoon itself when the AQI stood at 291 points (3pm). By 8pm, the AQI had reached 317 points, going down further to 332 points by 10pm and finally settling at 346 at midnight.

This is worse than last year, when the AQI recorded on Diwali night stood at 263 points.

The condition only worsened on Sunday morning, a day after the festivities, as the cloud cover and windy conditions, clubbed with an AQI of 377 (as of 9am) left many residents, especially the elderly and children, uneasy.

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