Patna, Aug. 25 -- The decomposed body of a 13-year-old boy was found in a dilapidated house in Dumraon area of Bihar's Buxar, 17 days after he was abducted, police said Saturday.

Buxar superintendent of police Upendra Nath Verma said the body was identified as that of Ashish Kumar, the son of ex-army man Gajendra Tiwari. Kumar was kidnapped on August 7, following which his family had received a ransom call.

"Tiwari, who accompanied the police to the spot, had difficulty in identifying the body of his son as it was in a badly decomposed state. After going through the clothes and slippers, he finally identified it was his son," Verma added.

Tiwari said, "Ashish had gone missing on August 7 when he along with his friends went to watch a fai...