India, Sept. 17 -- Assam's coronavirus disease (Covid-19)-related deaths breached the 500 mark, as 19 more patients died on Wednesday.

The north-east's most-populous state is also reporting a consistent surge in new Covid-19 cases. Assam has been reporting around 2,500 new Covid-19 cases almost daily for around a month.

So far, the state has recorded 148,969 Covid-19 cases.

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In September, the state reported around 40,000 new Covid-19 cases and over 200 deaths.

The first Covid-19 positive case in Assam was diagnosed on March 31 and the first death due to the viral infection 10 days later.

"In August, Assam had reported 68,000 Covid-19 cases and another 30,000 in the first 1...