India, July 10 -- A Delhi court acquitted Sukhbir Singh Dalal, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA from Mundka, along with two others in a 2015 case wherein he was charged with helping an accused escape police custody.

The court said the case of "the prosecution has no leg to stand on".

The case dates to July 2015, when the Maharashtra Police came to Delhi to arrest Rohtash Tomar, a man accused of stealing 21 metric tonnes of plastic granules worth "lakhs of rupees".

The Maharashtra Police had brought him to Nangloi police station in Delhi for interrogation. The police told the court that Dalal, an AAP MLA,?came to the police station along with 30 to 40 supporters and started pressuring the police to release the accused.

Around 1.30am on the in...