India, Feb. 6 -- At least four persons were killed in a gang war between notorious gangsters Sampat Nehra and Pradeep Swami in Churu on Friday, said police.

Around six assailants from the Nehra gang, riding on two bikes, opened indiscriminate fire on members of the rival gang in Dhani Mauji village under Hamirwas police station area of Churu, resulting in the deaths of gangster Pradeep Swami and two villagers, identified as Isar and Nihal.

In retaliation, the Pradeep Swami gang killed a criminal from Nehra gang, said Narayan Togas, superintendent of police (SP) Churu district. Togas added that the two villagers killed in firing had no affiliation to any of the warring gangs.

The gang war took place around 4pm on Friday, followed by the...