Mumbai, Dec. 6 -- A 32-year-old man was murdered on Thursday by two women who lived with him as his wives. Raju Waghmare was smothered to death by Sarita, 30, and Savita, 26, who alleged they were abused by Waghmare. Both women have been arrested. Waghmare is survived by three sons and a daughter.

According to Bangur Nagar police, Waghmare lived with Sarita and Savita. On Thursday, around 12.30pm, the two women smothered Waghmare to death using a pillow. Afterwards, they informed Waghmare's brother Vinod. Vinod alerted the police who arrested the duo. "The deceased was alcoholic and in the habit of torturing his wives," said Mohankumar Dahikar, deputy commissioner of police .


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