India, Oct. 18 -- Hello David... at age 22, where were you career-wise?

(Hindustan Times) -- I was still completing my studies at the NID in Ahmedabad. My life was all about weaving and printing of textiles then. No career to speak of.

And your finances?

Probably zero. I received a regular allowance from my father, which would get exhausted by the end of the month.

Any romance in your life?

None. I was single.

What was your focus in life?

Study, work, eat. Not necessarily in that order. I think "eat" came first very often. I was always hungry.

And your mindset...?

Hopeful. At that stage of my life the future was an empty slate. So much seemed possible. I could dream.

Was your family supportive?

My family was my rock. They gave ...