Kathmandu, Aug. 31 -- In 2014, Bikash Oli bought his first motorcycle-a Bajaj Pulsar 150. For Oli, then an undergraduate student, the motorcycle became his primary mode of transportation.

When Oli graduated in 2017 and started working, he also began saving so that he could upgrade his motorcycle. "I have always enjoyed off-road riding, and I wanted my next motorcycle to be something that could handle off-road terrains," said Oli.

By early 2020, Oli had saved enough and had zeroed in on a few models. "On top of the list was Hero Xpulse 200. The motorcycle was well within my budget and it seemed like a decent off-roader, too," said Oli. "Having saved enough, my plan was to buy a new one this year."

In March, which is when automobile deal...