Gorkha, Jan. 12 -- If Karmal Lama, a sixth grader, wants to go to school, he has to walk for an entire day. Lama is a resident of Chumchet, a remote village where there are no motorable roads. And his school, Buddha Secondary School, is in Sirdibas-a distance of almost 20km.

Karmal's friend Sonam Lama, of Chhekampar, has to walk more. It takes him two days to reach the school. In order to not miss school, both the boys live in a hostel in the school, away from home.

Prakash Ghimire, the headmaster of the school, says that to ensure students come to school, they have managed to get a hostel facility up and running. "We have in total 357 students in the school. Among them, 189 are studying under scholarship quota," said Ghimire.

In remot...