Dhanusha, Jan. 26 -- The construction of the Kadamchowk-Kamala section of the Postal Highway in Janakpur started in 2016, but it is far from complete. The road that connects Janakpur to Kamala Municipality has turned into a mud road because of rainfall last week.

Locals are facing problems in their daily commute because of the delay in the construction.

Jaya Prakash Mahato, a resident of Kamala who travels to Janakpur daily, is at his wit's end trying to make his way through the sludge-filled road section.

"I teach at a boarding school in Janakpur. Travelling through that road every day is a nightmare," said Mahato.

According to the project office of the Postal Highway Directorate in Janakpur, the total length of the Kadamchowk-Kamala...