Kathmandu, Oct. 26 -- Nepal Stock Exchange last week gained 11.59 points to close at 1,149.34 points, after investors rushed to purchase shares of companies that are likely to offer dividends soon.

Despite the rise in the market index, the daily turnover fell as low as Rs186.88 million last week, down from an average of Rs205.17 million in the previous week.

Last week, the secondary market opened at 1,137.75 on Sunday and fell 4.02 points to close at 1,133.73 points. On Monday, the market lost 1.34 points before rising during the final three days of trading, gaining 2.42 points, 7.8 points and 6.73 points respectively.

Stockbrokers said investors poured money in the stock exchange to buy shares at bargain prices after majority of the l...