Kathmandu, Jan. 11 -- Here are some of the stories from The Kathmandu Post (January 11, 2020)

Kathmandu's rivers are becoming violent-and are gradually vanishing

As Hira Devi Shrestha took her usual route to the Janapath Secondary School in Kalanki, she could see the Balkhu Khola swelling from the rains that had continued since early morning. The rush of the river looked more violent than on most days, but since the river always looked angry during the monsoon, she carried on.

Shrestha parked her scooter by the riverside, like she always did, and went into the school, not thinking twice about the river. But a little past 10am, when Shrestha looked out, her scooter had disappeared-the waters from the river had swallowed it.

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