Birendranagar, July 31 -- On the night of July 10, a landslide buried two houses at Sarkigaun in Barekot Rural Municipality-4, killing all 12 members of the two households while asleep. Since then, Barekot residents haven't had a peaceful night for themselves, said Lale Sarki, a neighbour of the two families killed in the landslide.

Sarki's house is located between the two houses that were buried.

"When I learned of the landslide, I moved my family to a safe location overnight," Sarki said. "We survived but since then, we haven't had a peaceful night."

Residents of Barekot ward numbers 4, 5 and 6 who are at risk of landslides are currently taking shelter in nearby schools and playgrounds in makeshift tents. According to Sarki, the loca...