India, May 2 -- UN report warns that city's maximum temperature may reach almost 50degC around 2080; local actions to blame as well

Kolkata has almost done a 'Sergey Bubka' when it comes to breaking its own heat records one day after another in the month just gone by, like the former Soviet athlete.

The eastern metropolis recorded a maximum temperature of 41.6 degree Celsius (degC) on April 25, the second-highest April temperature in the last 70 years. Subsequently on April 29, 2024, it recorded 41.7degC, the joint highest for the last seven decades.

However, within 24 hours, that record got broken as the city recorded 43degC, 7.4degC above normal. It was also just 0.3degC less than the all-time highest April temperature in Kolkata - 4...