India, Nov. 1 -- Gamer in Focus is a segment that is dedicated to esports players who are toughing it out in the Indian gaming scene right now. We reached out to professional esports players in the country across different games with a few questions.

Bodhisattwa "The_Guru" Panday

Currently playing for SRA, Slaughter Rage Army.

Who are you and how did you get into gaming?

My Name is Bodhisattwa Panday, popularly known as Bubun (my IRL nick name), my in-game name is The_Guru. From childhood, I was facinated with gaming. First I used to play the TV video games (Contra, Double Dragon, Duck Hunter Etc), then I got my first PC in 2000 with Road Rash as the first game. It was love at first sight. About Playing CS, I started with a bootleg ve...