India, Nov. 8 -- Gamer in Focus is a segment that is dedicated to esports players who are toughing it out in the Indian gaming scene right now. We reached out to professional esports players in the country across different games with a few questions.

Balaji "BlizzarD"

Currently playing for Global Esports.

How did you get into gaming?

I got into gaming through my friends, who played a lot in cyber cafes.

The game you play and why you love it

Dota 2. Because the game keeps changing with every patch. Fun to learn. I enjoy adapting new strats and ideas as the game changes.

Any specific team or player you would like to play against?

Virtus Pro and Ramzes666.

Favorite gaming moment?

TI7 Finals, Liquid 3 - 0 vs Newbee.

Most unforgetta...