Pakistan, Nov. 29 -- Pakistan's prominent actor-host Sahir Lodhi addressed the resemblance he bears with Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, once and for all.

In his recent outing on actor-host Ahmad Ali Butt's podcast 'Excuse Me', Sahir Lodhi speaks up on the Shahrukh Khan 'lookalike' tag associated with him at the end of the day, despite his career of almost two decades at this point on TV.

The celebrity mentioned that he finds it more 'condescending' than a 'compliment' to be called that he looks like Khan. "I don't think. Our genres are completely different. He acts, I've always done hosting," Lodhi said of their different yet similar careers.

Further, speaking about the resemblance, he added, "See, it's not my fault. Nor is it his,...