Pakistan, March 6 -- Nicolas Cage is officially a married man. yet again. E! News confirms the 'National Treasure' star wed Riko Shibata in Las Vegas on Feburary 16. He tells us, "It's true, and we are very happy."

Nicolas, 56, and Riko, 26, tied the knot in Sin City's Wynn hotel on a date chosen to honour his late father's birthday. While the groom wore a Tom Ford tux, his bride wore a handmade Japanese bridal kimono.

A rep for the actor shares with E! News, "They exchanged traditional Catholic and Shinto vows with poetry from Walt Whitman and Haiku sprinkled in."

This marks the star's fifth marriage, taking place close to two years after he annulled his four-day marriage to Erika Koike in March 2019.

Prior to his split from Erika, N...