Pakistan, Feb. 29 -- Singer Gohar Mumtaz revealed the reason behind Farhan Saeed's departure from 'Jal' band. Jal band was founded in 2002 with Atif Aslam, Goher Mumtaz and Farhan Saeed as its members. Their songs 'Dil Haray Pukaray,' 'Sajni,' 'Aadat' and 'Woh Lamhe' were critically acclaimed.

However, the band broke up after the members started solo careers starting with Atif Aslam. He has been the most successful out of the trio and has sung superhit songs in Pakistan and India.

Goher Mumtaz and Farhan Saeed found success in the music and acting industry as well.

Goher Mumtaz, in an interview, revealed that Farhan Saeed parted ways as he wanted to follow in Atif Aslam's footsteps.

"Farhan Saeed wanted to be Atif Aslam by going to Bo...