Nairobi, Aug. 2 -- We drop off Kiambu Road before taking the dusty Thindigua road and head to our destination opposite Nzuzi Park, Kiambu County.

A big wide black gate is opened for us and we find him busy tending to his small farm that has sukuma wiki, spinach, tomatoes and coriander.

"The tomatoes haven't done well owing to heavy rains," says the heavily-built dreadlocked KCB Rugby and Kenya Sevens winger Arthur Owira.

He gives a command to his playful but obedient dogs - Dizzy and Hacker- that got excited after seeing us. Then he welcomes us with a warm plate of organic githeri at his wooden, colonial house as he directs one of his farm helps to pluck some farm produce for us to carry on our way out. Owira also rears chicken.

"I have...