Sri Lanka, Sept. 11 -- Desegurunansela Gedera Dr.A.C.S. Hameed' passed away on September 3,1999. He was a Member of Parliament from 1960 to 1999 representing the Akurana Electorate, which was changed to Harispattuwa in 1965 a multimember constituency in the Kandy District.

The Harispattuwa electorate was situated a few miles away from Kandy, in 1960 it was a rural electorate comprising of about 230 G.S divisions sans electricity, no proper roads to connect the villages, school buildings neglected very badly etc.

Dr Hameed started meeting his voters every weekend in an office at the 7th-mile post in Akurana regularly commencing in 1960.

Sometimes there were more than a few hundreds of voters at this office coming to Him with various pro...