Dhaka, Jan. 6 -- Tonima, who identified herself with a single name, was on the Benapole Express with her sister Elina Yamin and Elina's 5-month-old child Arfan Hossain when the train was set on fire as it was entering Dhaka on Friday night.

Her face was sweaty even on the winter night as she was frantically searching for Elina and baby Arfan amid crowds of survivors and locals at a badminton court in Gopibagh, with anxiety writ large in her eyes.

A local resident was announcing through a loud hailer that Elina and Arfan were missing, urging Elina to come forward if she could hear the announcement, but to no avail.

Tonima was among the lucky ones who managed to get off the train.

At least four people, including a couple and their child...